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Desirable decorative objects which may include vases, storage holders or glass pieces, all making an eye catching statement.

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Small Urn Burnished Copper Vase
 £29.95Delivery 1-2 Weeks
Small Nevis Mottled Blue Ceramic Vase
 £35.00Delivery 2-3 Weeks
Ceramic Trinket Box
 £41.00Delivery 2-3 Weeks
Small Silver Tulip Vase
 £44.95Delivery 1-2 Weeks
Small Duchess Vase

Small Duchess Vase


 £49.95Delivery 1-2 Weeks
Rana Hammered Ellipse Vase
 £89.00Delivery 2-3 Weeks
Small Curl Petal Green Ceramic Vase
 £89.99Delivery 2-3 Weeks
Vienna Set of Two Trays with Tree Design
 £98.00Delivery 2-3 Weeks
Coral Cage Textured Aluminium Sculpture
 £104.00Delivery 2-3 Weeks
Rana Hammered Pod Vase
 £115.00Delivery 2-3 Weeks
Linear Gold & White Print Ceramic Jar
 £119.00Delivery 2-3 Weeks
Large Ellipse Vase

Large Ellipse Vase


 £194.00Delivery 2-3 Weeks