Dining Tables

Dining Tables

We understand the difference a good dining table can make to your home, so here at Dansk we only stock the finest dining tables.

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Skovby SM24 Dining Table with Three Leaves in Oak Lacquered Veneer
 £1,935.00To Order - Approximately 10-12 Weeks
Hermes Extendable Dining Table 196cm
 £1,839.00To Order Approximately 8-10 Weeks
Skovby SM753 Two Door Sliding Sideboard in Walnut Veneer
 £1,695.00To Order - Approximately 10-12 Weeks
Maddox Dining Table 240cm in Shiny Finish
 £1,609.00To Order - Approximately 4-6 Weeks
Texas Dining Table

Texas Dining Table


 £1,579.00To Order approximately 8-10 Weeks
Masters Dining Table 260cm in Vintage Brown Wood with a 14x10 Leg
 £1,519.00To Order Approximately 8-10 Weeks
Milano Extendable Dining Table 200cm
 £1,499.00To order approximately 8-10 weeks
Maitland 180cm Dining Table In Wild Oak in a Natural Wood Finish/Cross Base
 £1,459.00To Order - Approximately 8-10 Weeks
Kensington Industrial Dining Table 200cm
 £1,435.00To Order - Approximately 4-6 Weeks
Skovby SM101 Multi Function Table in Oak Veneer
 £1,305.00To Order - Approximately 10-12 Weeks
Siena Extendable Dining Table

Siena Extendable Dining Table 5

Glass/Pewter ...

 £1,299.00To Order - Approximately 8-10 Weeks
Colombo 130cm Round Dining Table

Colombo 130cm Round Dining Table

Oak Finish - MDF...

 £1,209.00To Order - Approximately 8-10 Weeks
Oslo Dining Table 240cm in Smoked Oak Type 18
 £1,099.00To order approximately 10-12 weeks
Telford 180cm Dining Table

Telford 180cm Dining Table

Reclaimed Timbers...

 £959.00To Order - Approximately 8-10 Weeks
Bohemia 200cm Dining Table

Bohemia 200cm Dining Table

European Oak...

 £859.00To Order Approximately 10-12 Weeks
Elice Extending Dining Table In White Finish
 £799.00To Order Approximately 8-10 Weeks
Thaket Medium Dining Table 160cm
 £499.00To Order - Approximately 8-10 Weeks
French Country Round Dining Table
 £459.00To Order Approximately 10-12 Weeks
French Country 140cm Extending Dining Table
 £399.00To Order Approximately 10-12 weeks
Valencia 200cm Fixed Dining Table
 £389.00To Order Approximately 8-10 Weeks