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Skovby SM30 Skovby High Rise Dining Table

Skovby SM30 Skovby High Rise Dining Table

The SM30 Dining table, simple in shape and minimalist but designed for families with the need of varying the table height.

The unique multi-purpose table can simply be adjusted in height from 64cm up to 110cm, the button to press up and down the table can be located under the tabletop so that the height can be raised or lowered to the height needed.

  • Length -  200-280cm
  • Width - 100cm
  • Height - 64-110cm
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Skovby SM30 High Rise Table in Oak White Oil Finish
 £2,745.00To Order Approximately 10-12 Weeks

The SM30 Dining Table as shown above, in variances in height.

The SM30 Dining Table above shows the stages in Height progression.

The SM30 Dining table will seat eight comfortably and extended with Two extension leaves stored under the tabletop the capacity is increased to twelve people.